Some people need continuous change and look for new trends – since they are not loyal to their things, it is completely satisfying for them if a bag or any other accessory would only last for one season and they can buy a new one next year. Others, however, would invest in long-lasting pieces: they look for comfortable stationarity and they prefer counting on their favourite pieces which would still look the same after many years. These bags, sabretaches and other leather goods go beyond their workaday function. They are vintage items which serve you for long years and wouldn’t go out of use. They mark you out of the crowd. They are really valuable due to their fine material, very detailed finish and unique pattern. They can represent your love or respect as a gift or you can even choose one for yourself as a celebration gift for a professional or personal success. The precise and accurate work can take up to weeks since I put a lot of effort and care in my works. You only need to think about what you expect and I will make it for you.