If you like quality leather products, but do not like Hungarian patterns or do not match your style, you can choose other shapes. For example, as a fan of fantasy stories, a leather product that illustrates a mythical creature can be the perfect complement to your clothing. You can also make exciting home furnishings or kitchen utensils with leather embellishments: for example, a ribbon depicting a monster or other tale creature on a beer mug, adorn a wine glass base, or a buckled glass with a leather disc, or possibly a full leather cover. These accessories are unique and special, so we are guaranteed to dazzle our guests at gatherings of friends if we serve the drink filled with them. If required, I can make other leather objects in fantasy style. The possibilities can be limited only by your imagination – the decoration can be the character of a movie or a book, but it can also be based on your own drawing or photo. This is how every leather product becomes unique, which expresses the wearer’s taste and personality.