Document wallets, pencil boxes, tablet cases, notepad and book covers.

How would you feel if your potential business partner welcome you in an austere, dirty office wearing a floppy tie and unshaved face? Probably, you wouldn’t feel like making an agreement with such a person. In the business world, one’s appearance has a greater influence than we would think. When you enter a neat office where employees are pretty, groomed and polite, that would give you a good impression about that company, even if we don’t know them yet. A managing director’s personal items or the stationery on their desk would reveal their personality. It makes a compeletely different impression, if someone store contracts in a broken, plastic binder rather than in a neat leather document wallet. You can order individual pieces or a full collection from me. The collection can contain a document wallet, business card holder, mobile case, briefcase and a calendar cover too. I design such collection for businessmen, businesswomen or it can be a nice gift as well: it can help you to interpret the importance of your business partner.

You keep either your business documents in such a special document wallet or even at home, you can organize important papers, old letters, invoices, children’s drawings, photos in a nice leather document wallet. These document wallets can even decorate your home while keeping them on a bookshelf.